Want To Join?

Q) Do I need to be able to read music? A) No. Believe it or not apart from Llinos and Anna there are only a handful of choristers that can read music – the majority cannot. Pretty amazing when you hear what we can produce!

Q) Do I need to buy a uniform? A) No. One is provided for you.

Q) What nights do you rehearse? A) Tuesday and Thursday at the St Matthias Church in Treharris, between 7-9 pm.

Q) What is expected of me? A) To be able to attend both rehearsals is ideal, but once a week every week is acceptable. This ensures that each chorister is at the same level as the next.

Q) What type of voice do I have and how will I know? A) There are two types of voice within the choir i.e. Tenor and Bass; Tennors have the higher pitched voices like Freddy Mercury, Placido Domingo, and Basses have a deeper sounding voice like Bryn Terfel or Barry White. There is no voice test as such We invite you to sit with the tenors and bass for you to listen and have a go, then you discuss with Llinos where you feel most comfortable. If you want a voice test then we will be happy to oblige!

Q) What type of music do you sing? A) A little bit of everything. We realise that we cannot please everyone all of the time but we try to think of our audiences and what they like to hear. We choose Welsh songs, songs from the shows and films and we are trying out some new modern songs. We also had to learn some German songs for our visit there.

Q) What will I get in return? A) The best people to answer this are the choristers themselves!